OBO Betterman Tray

We can provide a comprehensive range of OBO Betterman Cable Tray. OBO Cable trays is available in every size and design. Complete product ranges with all logical system components for any task.

Please Note!!!
We donot use carriers for these products and only deliver free of charge to locations in the Somerset area. We would be willing to quote for carriage in area's outside of Somerset, as a special order.

Description (Click for further details) Price (Exc VAT)Unit
Image for FS6053548 OBO 100mm MED DUTY TRAY 3MTR
£41.66 3mtr
Image for FS6053572 OBO 150mm MED DUTY TRAY 3MTR
£44.78 3 mtr
Image for FS6053599 OBO 200mm MED CABLE TRAY 3MTR
£47.90 Each
Image for FS6054307 OBO 300mm MED CABLE TRAY 3MTR
£36.18 3 mtr   Out of Stock
Image for FS6054323 OBO 400mm MED CABLE TRAY 3MTR
£33.18 Each   Out of Stock
Image for FS6054358 OBO 500mm MED DUTY TRAY (1)
£46.87 Each   Out of Stock
Image for FS6056296 300x1.5mm H/D CBL TRY 3MTR (1)
£12.95 Each   Out of Stock